Malloy Budget Cuts Defended by Occhigrosso as Specter of 2014 Looms
November 30, 2012

Governor Malloy has much to juggle this holiday season.   He’s been forced to make drastic budget cuts to close a $360M budget hole, and how he handles this is sure to become a major issue in his re-election campaign.   Already Republicans have their eye on his office.

Too early for 2014?   No.   Then Stamford Mayor Malloy appeared on Face the State on November 16, 2008 saying he wanted to run, some two years before the 2010 election.

This Sunday on Face the State, we are joined by the governor’s senior Roy Occhigrosso, a staunch defender of the administration’s policies over the past 23 months.    Occhiogrosso told me the governor is an optimist who likes his  job and is doing what he feels is best for the state.

When we broached the subject of re-election, Occhiogrosso told me, while the governor doesn’t worry about his potential rivals,  his senior advisor certainly does.   As for likely candidate Tom Foley, Occhiogrosso called him “Connecticut’s version of Mitt Romney.”

Occhiogrosso also said Malloy’s critics are missing the larger picture, “We’ve been through a tough time, but we have made some progress.”

Also joining us this Sunday:  two local mayors who talked about the impact the budget problems will have on cities and towns.     Republican Mayor Donna Hemmann of Wethersfield and Democratic Mayor John Picard of West Haven offered some unique insight into what will happen to taxpayers as these cuts take effect.

You can watch the entire interviews, this Sunday morning at 11 on Face the State, only on Channel 3.

UPDATE: Watch Occhiogrosso here:

and Picard and Hemmann here:

Occhiogrosso Talks Taxes, Security and His Boss
March 11, 2011

Governor Malloy may not be as popular with voters as his predecessor, but it is clear he is more popular with the media.   The new governor has raised the bar very high in terms of media accessibility, and that makes the job of reporters a whole lot easier.

Case in point:  this Sunday on Face the State our first guest is the governor’s senior advisor Roy Occhiogrosso.    Those who have sat in that same seat in our studio this month include the governor himself, the lieutenant governor, and the chief of staff.   The Malloy administration is making its people very available to journalists, and that is certainly refreshing.   That could change down the road, but we’ll take it while we can get it.

I’ve known Occhiogrosso for a long time and have always found him to be extremely hardworking.   He is one of those advisors who always either takes my call, or calls me back as soon as possible.    He also is quick to e-mail me, even on a weekend, when the situation warrants.

Roy is obviously thrilled his candidate won this time after two losses in the 1990s when he worked on the campaigns of Democrat Bill Curry.  Those of us who know Roy feared his head would have exploded if Dan Malloy had lost, and that’s a story none of us wanted to cover!  

Anyway. this weekend we get some insight into the governor from his closest and most trusted advisor.    We talk taxes, security, and what’s ahead after the budget battle.

Tune in this Sunday at 11AM for Face the State.


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