Foley Setting Stage for 2014 Rematch with Governor Malloy
January 3, 2013


22 months from now voters will go to the polls to choose a governor and the 2014 ballot could be identical to the one voters saw in 2010. Republican Tom Foley is planning to seek a rematch against Governor Dannel Malloy, and laid out his case Sunday on Face the State with Dennis House, on WFSB-TV (CBS) Hartford.


If you think it is too early to start running for governor, remember that then Stamford Mayor Malloy said he would run for governor during an appearance on Face the State on January 15, 2009, with 22 months to go before the 2010 election. “These are dramatic and dangerous times, and I am prepared to run for governor.” Stamford Mayor Dan Malloy 1/15/09


The former U.S. Ambassador to Ireland was highly critical of Governor Malloy and said he plans on laying the groundwork immediately for a change in leadership. “I agree with the Governor that the state is in dire straits and we need new leadership.” Foley said the state is spending too much and “we are taking the state off the cliff.” Foley also did not hold back in critiquing the Malloy’s administrations tax hikes and dealings with state employees unions.

Foley, who lost to Malloy by 6,400 votes in 2010, also said he might have done better had a woman been the candidate for lieutenant governor, although he said Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton was a great running mate. Boughton, along with house minority leader Larry Cafero, are also said to be considering runs for governor. Only one Republican woman has expressed interest in running, State Senator Toni Boucher. State representatives Themis Klarides, Penny Bacchiochi, and Pam Sawyer are other names suggested as potential candidates, either for governor or lt. Governor, along with Darien First Selectman Jayme Stevenson. The last all-male ticket to win the governorship was in 1986.


We also have analysis on Foley's comments and the 2014 race with Christine Stuart of and Rick Green of the Hartford Courant. You can watch the entire interview with Tom Foley right here:

Stuart and Green analysis here:

Donovan: I’m not an Incompetent Manager
June 8, 2012

House Speaker Chris Donovan has granted his first extended interview since the scandal broke that surrounds his campaign for congress in CT-5.   Donovan came to WFSB for a taping of “Face the State,” which yesterday on Channel 3.

The interview came together quickly early  Thursday  evening, and was booked just a few minutes before I entered the studio for Eyewitness News at 5.    Two reporters were at the station for the taping, Rick Green of the Hartford Courant, and Matt DeRienzo of the Torrington Register Citizen.   Both had been booked in advance for a segment about the 5th district race and the Donovan controversy, and in response to the change in the the guest list, they then  analyzed what Donovan said to say during his Face the State interview.

We knew going into the interview not to expect any new details about the federal investigation.    Donovan has made it clear that he can’t talk about the investigation, a point he repeated during our conversation.

During our 15 minute interview I asked Donovan about his campaign operation,  and how he is dealing with the pressure of a federal investigation.    We talked about his involvement in the day to day operations of the campaign, and what has changed since his finance director was arrested by the feds.    He responded to charges he is an incompetent manager, and how he could not have known something was up considering the campaign staff is so small.    

DH:  How involved are you in the day to day management of the campaign?

CD:     I have a campaign manager. My job is to go out and meet the people.

Donovan told me he first learned about the federal investigation on television.  I asked him who was the first person he called after hearing the news, but he declined to answer.

Donovan was also asked about Governor Dan Malloy and Congressman Chris Murphy.      The two did not endorse him, even though he has been one of the most powerful people in government for years.  He suggested it is because one of his opponents, Elizabeth Esty, is married to the commissioner of the DEEP.    Donovan said since the scandal broke, he has heard from the governor, but not Murphy.      The Speaker then quoted Harry Truman, by saying “if you want a friend, get a dog.”    Two WFSB producers who watched the taping, felt that was a swipe at the man Donovan hopes to succeed.

Donovan talked at length about the support he has received from voters, even pulling out a letter from a constituent.      He said he will win the primary and bristled when I asked what would happen if he should get arrested.

You can watch the entire interview right here:

Analysis from DeRienzo and Green here:

Read Matt DeRienzo’s report here:

Rick Green’s here:

Christine Stuart’s here:


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