Connecticut’s Ronald Reagan; A Footnote to 2014
July 26, 2013

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Cafero’s Malloy Report Card: C- to D
April 25, 2013


The state Democratic party has been focusing its attention on 2010 Republican gubernatorial nominee Tom Foley, but it is only a matter of time before other candidates enter the 2014 race for governor. During a taping of Face the State set to air this Sunday, one of those potential candidates told me he will make a decision on running later this spring.

House Minority Leader Larry Cafero said sometime after the end of the legislative session on June 4th, he will decide whether to form an exploratory committee. The Norwalk Republican talked at length about Ambassador Foley, and about Governor Malloy, saying the report card on the governor is not good. I asked Cafero to grade the governor and he responded, “C- to a D.”

This Sunday we also have analysis from the Hartford Courant’s Chris Keating, and some Republican commentary on the race from William Landers of the conservative blog, Ameriborn News.


You can watch the entire conversation below:

Watch Cafero

Watch Keating and Landers

Foley: “Absolutely No New Taxes”
April 18, 2013


There are no official candidates yet in the race for governor, but the state Democratic party is already focused on the man it apparently believes will be the Republican candidate, 2010 GOP nominee Tom Foley. The former U.S. Ambassador to Ireland has made no secret of his intention to seek a rematch with Governor Dannel Malloy, but he did not declare his candidacy during a taping of Face the State, that aired Sunday. Other potential candidates for governor include State Senators John McKinney and Toni Boucher, House Minority Leader Larry Cafero, and Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton.

Foley shared with me some details of internal polling he’s done on the 2014 race. In a nutshell, Foley said his findings show the governor to be vulnerable and beatable in 2014 because of joblessness and the economy. Foley went on to say he believes fixing the Connecticut economy is simple and suggested the governor is taking the wrong action.

“All you have to do is hold spending flat for two years, but he is raising spending by $778 million. Why? We don’t have the money.”

Foley talked about what will likely be a key argument during the upcoming campaign: taxes.

DH: “You have said you will not raise taxes if elected in 2014. Is that a promise you are prepared to make, ?”
TF: “Absolutely.”
DH: “Absolutely no new taxes?”
TF: “Absolutely.”

We also talked about Foley’s take on the gun control law recently passed by the legislature and signed by Governor Malloy. During that discussion, Foley said more needs to be done for mental illness and he revealed that mental illness has affected his family. He has cared for a sibling with mental illness for 30 years.

After the Foley interview we had a political roundtable discussion with CT News Junkie’s Christine Stuart, the new editor of Connecticut Magazine Matt DiRienzo of the Torrington Register Citizen, and WTIC AM 1080′s Jim Vicevich. Read more about Jim’s appearance right here:

You can watch the Foley interview right here:

Analysis here:

Watch our interview with Governor Malloy from February:

McKinney Goes Public With Plans for ’14 Run for Governor
January 31, 2013


State Senator John McKinney waded into the waters of the 2014 race for Connecticut governor, by harshly criticizing Governor Dannel Malloy during an appearance on Face the State with Dennis House, set to air Sunday on WFSB-TV, Hartford.

McKinney, the Senate Minority Leader, became the second Republican to unofficially toss his hat in the ring for the ’14 contest. On Face the State last month, 2010 GOP nominee Tom Foley announced he plans to seek a rematch with Malloy, who beat Foley by only 6400 votes. Other potential candidates include House Minority Leader Larry Cafero, former Lt. Governor Michael Fedele and Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton. Fedele lost to Foley in the 2010 primary. Boughton was Foley’s running mate after he was Fedele’s.


During the taping McKinney said he wants to run for governor to reverse Malloy’s policies. “Governor Malloy has brought us nothing more than higher taxes and more spending…..the state is going in the wrong direction,” McKinney said. The Fairfield native, who also represents Newtown, defended Malloy’s predecessor, Jodi Rell, and blames the state’s financial crisis on Democrats, who have controlled the General Assembly for nearly two decades. McKinney blamed Malloy for raising “sales, income, and property taxes.”

If McKinney follows through with his desire to run for governor, he told me would launch his candidacy in the spring. He told me his focus now is on the people of Newtown and the legislative session. Foley also said nothing is official until he files the papers, later this year. Neither man can raise money for a campaign until they set up an exploratory committee.

You can watch the entire interview right here:


We also have analysis from our Face the State analysts Duby McDowell and Brian Flaherty, and Jerrod Ferrari of the Norwalk Hour.

The four of us discussed several GOP women who could be eyeing higher office, though none has publicly expressed interest in the state’s highest office. State Representatives Penny Bacchiochi, Pam Sawyer, and Themis Klarides, along with State Senator Toni Boucher and Darien First Selectman Jayme Stevenson are all seen as potential candidates for lieutenant governor or for one of the state’s constitutional offices.

We have two flashbacks; a look back at Mayor John DeStefano’s first day on the job and another NFL flirt with Hartford.


Watch our interview with Tom Foley right here:

Here’s our Face the State flashback, “The Hartford Buccaneers?”


Foley Setting Stage for 2014 Rematch with Governor Malloy
January 3, 2013


22 months from now voters will go to the polls to choose a governor and the 2014 ballot could be identical to the one voters saw in 2010. Republican Tom Foley is planning to seek a rematch against Governor Dannel Malloy, and laid out his case Sunday on Face the State with Dennis House, on WFSB-TV (CBS) Hartford.


If you think it is too early to start running for governor, remember that then Stamford Mayor Malloy said he would run for governor during an appearance on Face the State on January 15, 2009, with 22 months to go before the 2010 election. “These are dramatic and dangerous times, and I am prepared to run for governor.” Stamford Mayor Dan Malloy 1/15/09


The former U.S. Ambassador to Ireland was highly critical of Governor Malloy and said he plans on laying the groundwork immediately for a change in leadership. “I agree with the Governor that the state is in dire straits and we need new leadership.” Foley said the state is spending too much and “we are taking the state off the cliff.” Foley also did not hold back in critiquing the Malloy’s administrations tax hikes and dealings with state employees unions.

Foley, who lost to Malloy by 6,400 votes in 2010, also said he might have done better had a woman been the candidate for lieutenant governor, although he said Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton was a great running mate. Boughton, along with house minority leader Larry Cafero, are also said to be considering runs for governor. Only one Republican woman has expressed interest in running, State Senator Toni Boucher. State representatives Themis Klarides, Penny Bacchiochi, and Pam Sawyer are other names suggested as potential candidates, either for governor or lt. Governor, along with Darien First Selectman Jayme Stevenson. The last all-male ticket to win the governorship was in 1986.


We also have analysis on Foley's comments and the 2014 race with Christine Stuart of and Rick Green of the Hartford Courant. You can watch the entire interview with Tom Foley right here:

Stuart and Green analysis here:


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