Assignment Shutdown
October 4, 2013


As Channel 3 viewers know I was sent to Washington for a quick 48 hour trip to cover the Connecticut congressional delegation during the shutdown of the federal government. We returned home Thursday morning, and just hours later the chase and shooting took place that is now dominating the headlines.

Thank you to all the viewers who send me questions via twitter and Thanks to Christine Lee of WTIC 96.5 FM for the artwork above! I’ll explain the Spock ears in a later post.

This Sunday on Face the State we discussed the shutdown with Senator Richard Blumenthal, and he talked about what the options are and also shared his recollections of the Thursday’s shooting near the building that houses his senate offices.


Watch the Blumenthal interview right here:

We also had analysis from a panel of experts: Greg Bordonaro of the Hartford Business Journal, Peter Gioia of the Connecticut Business and Industry Association, and Ted Koppy, a financial advisor with Waddell and Reed and a former television anchor.


Watch Greg, Peter and Ted here:

Tune in this Sunday at 11 AM on WFSB Channel 3. We also have two flashbacks: Duby McDowell reporting on the 1995 shutdown, and Brendan Keefe on a visit by author Tom Clancy to New London. Preview here:

Here are some shots of my assignment in Washington:






By the way, I was sent to Washington with WFSB photojournalist Brian Elba. He and I have had plenty of travel assignments over the years including our memorable trip to the 1996 World Series.

world series

Face the State in Washington for Lieberman’s Farewell
December 13, 2012


Our plan for Face the State this week was to run an interview with Senator Joe Lieberman as he prepares to leave office in January The man who nearly became vice-president in the historic election in 2000, is retiring after nearly a quarter century of representing Connecticut in the U.S. Senate. Then came the Newtown shootings. WFSB news director Dana Neves and I talked about it several times over the past two days and ultimately decided to stick with our original plan. Eyewitness News and Face the Nation will devote their coverage to the lives lost in Sandy Hook, and we feel that a Face the State on what happened Friday might be repetitive.


This week, Face the State will come to you from Washington, D.C., where we talked with Senator Joe Lieberman in his office near the capitol. The senator talked about his four terms in the senate, including his triumphs, and disappointments. We also chatted about what Lieberman will do next, and how he wants the senate to change.


This Sunday, you’ll see some old video from election night 1988, when then Attorney General Lieberman defeated the powerful Lowell Weicker, Connecticut’s last Republican U.S. senator. As you’ll see in that archival footage fronted by then 11PM anchor Denise D’Ascenzo, you’ll notice Lieberman was surrounded then by nearly every Democrat in the state, a far cry from his farewell speech on Wednesday, when only three members of the Connecticut delegation were in the small audience: Senator Richard Blumenthal, Senator-elect Chris Murphy, and Congressman Jim Himes.

We’ll also hear from Senator Blumenthal on Sunday’s Face the State.


You can watch this special edition of Face the State, this Sunday morning at 11, only on Channel 3. We’ll also devote a segment to the life and times of Connecticut broadcasting legend Arnold Dean.

Watch it all right here: You can watch the interview right here:

part 1:


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