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Suburban Mayor to Run for Attorney General
May 19, 2010

Eyewitness News has learned Vernon Mayor Jason McCoy will likely jump into the race for Attorney General.  The 39  year old Republican is in his second term, and is the grandson of the late Mayor Frank McCoy.  McCoy told me he will file the papers tomorrow.   McCoy is close to Governor Rell, in fact the Governor swore him in for his most recent term. 

 As for having ten years of active practice as a lawyer?     Mayor McCoy told me has been practicing since 1998.

Foley Still Undecided on Running Mate
May 17, 2010

The frontrunner in the GOP race for governor is sending a signal he has not yet decided on a running mate.   His campaign sent out a vague news release this morning saying this:
    Tom Foley to Make a Statement Regarding Lieutenant Governor Preferences Today
Note the plural in preferences.  Will he release a list of potential candidates, or simply what he is looking for in a lieutenant governor candidate ?    Campaign spokeswoman Liz Osborn told me no media event is scheduled.  If the former ambassador were to announce his running mate,  he would not do it in a statement.
We believe his list of potential candidates still includes the women I mentioned last week  with the exclusion of Pam Sawyer, who endorsed Lt. Governor Michael Fedele.   A source told Eyewitness News  State Senator Kevin Witkos of Canton was also being considered.
We’ll keep you posted. 

Peckinpaugh: “I’m a Reagan moderate”
May 13, 2010

Janet Peckinpaugh, former television news anchor turned politician has sat down for her first  extended interview since throwing her hat in the ring for the 2nd Congressional district.    During a taping of “Face the State,” the Essex Republican talked about why she is running and when she  made the decision to plunge into politics.

Peckinpaugh wouldn’t identify them, but told me “higher-ups” in the state Republican party approached her to run, saying the other candidates Matt Daly and Daria Novak weren’t gaining traction in their quest to unseat Democrat Joe Courtney.    

Peckinpaugh told me right now she has enough committed delegates to qualify for a primary.

We also talked about why she believes it is time for Courtney to go,  why a news anchor is qualified to be a U.S. Representative, and the commercials she did for Lend America, a failed mortgage company.   The latter is something Democrats may use against her. 

I asked Peckinpaugh if she had a political role model.  She does:  Ronald Reagan, and she explained why.  “Are you a Reagan conservative?”  I asked.  “A Reagan moderate,”  Peckinpaugh replied.

As I blogged last week, this was an unusual interview for me. Janet and I worked as co-anchors in 1994, and this is the first time I’ve had a former colleague run for office, and then had to interview this person.


I consulted my news director Dana Neves and Quinnipiac University journalism professor Rich Hanley about to handle it.   Dana said just be fair, and Professor Hanley advised to me to mention at the  beginning of the broadcast that Janet and I worked together and then move on.

I believe we treated Janet like we have other congressional candidates who have been on.    Both interviews with Novak and Daly are on our website. 

You can watch the interview with Janet Peckinpaugh right here:


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