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McEnroe and Pesci on the Senate Debates
April 27, 2012

Now that the pre-convention senate debates are behind us, were there any winners?   Losers?  What about the lesser known candidates?

This Sunday on Face the State we were joined by two veteran Connecticut politicos who know their stuff.  WNPR’s Colin McEnroe and columnist Don Pesci  shared their views on the debates and the senate race.

Here is the segment with McEnroe and Pesci

Also this Sunday, our exclusive interview with Lowell Weicker

Candidates to Campaign in the Kitchen
October 11, 2010

We’ve seen the candidates debate, stump, shake hands and star in commercials.  Next week you’ll see them cook.   

Senate candidate Linda McMahon and gubernatorial candidates Tom Foley and Dan Malloy have all agreed to appear on “Better Connecticut” next week, separately, of course.  After all, there are frying pans and knives within arm’s length!     One candidate will not appear.    Dick Blumenthal declined the invitation,  according to “Better” producer Melissa Dethlefsen, who told me the campaigns were given a choice of days to come on. 

 McMahon, Foley and Malloy will join Scot Haney and Kara Sundlun in the kitchen and show off their culinary skills while chatting about their lives and campaigns.   The menu is being determined and it may be the candidate’s favorite family recipe.    

It is also an opportunity for the candidates to reach the voting bloc of women, who make up the vast majority of “Better Connecticut” viewers.

Bysiewicz Opens Door for Re-Election Run
May 19, 2010

In an interview with Eyewitness News this morning, Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz did not rule out trying to keep her current job.   When asked about delegates already committed to Jonathan Harris and Denise Merrill, the Democrats hoping to replace her, she said no decision has been made about her future.

Just a day after being told by the State Supreme Court that she is  not qualified to run for Attorney General, Bysiewicz told us she is talking with her family about her future.

What will Bysiewicz do?

Suburban Mayor to Run for Attorney General
May 19, 2010

Eyewitness News has learned Vernon Mayor Jason McCoy will likely jump into the race for Attorney General.  The 39  year old Republican is in his second term, and is the grandson of the late Mayor Frank McCoy.  McCoy told me he will file the papers tomorrow.   McCoy is close to Governor Rell, in fact the Governor swore him in for his most recent term. 

 As for having ten years of active practice as a lawyer?     Mayor McCoy told me has been practicing since 1998.

One Lousy Day for Connecticut Democrats
May 18, 2010


Eddie Perez, Susan Bysiewicz and Richard Blumenthal in happier days, 2007                         Photo courtesy: Ken Krayeske

This was a really, really bad day for Connecticut Democrats. 

Within a two hour period and a four mile radius, the Democrats were the focus of three embarrassing stories as they head into the convention.   

First, the Democrat with the highest approval ratings of any politician in the state faced allegations he lied about his military record.     In a news conference broadcast all across the country,  Richard Blumenthal told reporters he regretted that he “misspoke” about having served in Vietnam.    Democrats could almost hear the poll numbers tumbling.

Later,  across from the State Capitol at the State Supreme Court, the Democrats’ one time frontrunner in the race for governor and Blumenthal’s fellow constitutional officer was dealt a devastating blow.   The high court ruled Susan Bysiewicz is not qualified to succeed Blumenthal.   

On New Year’s Day she was the odds-on favorite to be our next governor, an office her party hasn’t been able to capture since 1986.    Now, for the first time in more than a generation, this once rising star in the Democratic party probably won’t even be on a ballot come November.

 Meanwhile, around the corner from the Supreme Court, the three term Democratic mayor of the capital city was away from his city hall office again,  in court as a defendant in his corruption trial.   Eddie Perez, the host mayor of the Democratic convention this weekend faces prison time if convicted.   

To be fair, Connecticut Republicans have had their bad days, too, but  this was certainly one of the worst days to be  a “D,” unless your name is George Jepsen.

Bysiewicz: “Never thought for a moment I would lose this case”
May 18, 2010

That’s what Susan Bysiewicz said the night she won the lower court ruling two weeks ago.    She also talks about a Republican appeal

Should Mayor Perez take the stand?
May 17, 2010

The answer:  yes.  Mayor Eddie Perez owes it to the citizens of Hartford, and taxpayers all over the state who help fund the capital city to take the stand at his corruption trial.   The mayor has said he has nothing to hide and has insisted he is innocent.   If that is the case, the mayor should find giving testimony fairly easy. 

Lawyers for the three-term Democrat will probably advise him not to testify.  The Mayor isn’t known for being quick on his feet when it comes to public speaking, and he will be going up against prosecutors who are.   

Nevertheless, the mayor has a moral obligation to testify.  If he doesn’t and is acquitted, there will always be a cloud of doubt hanging over him.    The jury will be told they can not  hold the decision not to testify against a defendant. 

The public has no such restriction. 

Meanwhile, Colin McEnroe has a great column as to why the Perez trial is so important.

Also, if you’d like to watch the Mayor’s last extended  interview about the case, here he is on his last appearance on “Face the State,”   from August 2007.    We have invited him back on, but the Mayor has declined every invitation.

Foley Still Undecided on Running Mate
May 17, 2010

The frontrunner in the GOP race for governor is sending a signal he has not yet decided on a running mate.   His campaign sent out a vague news release this morning saying this:
    Tom Foley to Make a Statement Regarding Lieutenant Governor Preferences Today
Note the plural in preferences.  Will he release a list of potential candidates, or simply what he is looking for in a lieutenant governor candidate ?    Campaign spokeswoman Liz Osborn told me no media event is scheduled.  If the former ambassador were to announce his running mate,  he would not do it in a statement.
We believe his list of potential candidates still includes the women I mentioned last week  with the exclusion of Pam Sawyer, who endorsed Lt. Governor Michael Fedele.   A source told Eyewitness News  State Senator Kevin Witkos of Canton was also being considered.
We’ll keep you posted. 

Foley’s Four Frontrunners
May 12, 2010

 Eyewitness News has learned former ambassador Tom Foley, the frontrunner in the  race for the GOP gubernatorial nomination is vetting four women in the search for a running mate.    Sources on the condition of anonymity,  told me the four are Avon businesswoman Lisa Wilson-Foley,  State Representatives Pam Sawyer of Bolton,  Penny Bacchiochi of Somers and Marilyn Giuliano of Old Saybrook.     Wilson-Foley, Sawyer, and Bacchiochi would not comment, a message has been left for Giuliano. 

A spokeswoman for Foley said “there is a process in the place to choose a candidate for lieutenant governor, but no names to make public yet.”

Our WFSB Republican political analyst Brian Flaherty said ” it is no accident legislative leaders would be looked at seriously.   It would be a good blend  of an outsider with Tom’s strengths  and someone who knows the ways of the state capitol.”    Looking at the list, one veteran GOP politico wouldn’t make a prediction but remarked  ” Bacchiochi has spark.”   

Stay tuned.

Honoring Thomas Meskill 1928-2007
April 14, 2010

The library at the University of Connecticut School of Law in Hartford’s West End has been named after the late Governor Thomas Meskill, who was also a mayor, congressman, and judge.   

One of the last interviews he gave was to me, in late fall 2006, ten months before he died.   I thought you might want another look

Here is my blog entry on Governor Meskill from December 18, 2006


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