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Stories that make you wonder…
October 14, 2008

We report dozens of stories everyday and so many of them raise questions.    Take for example, Friday’s robbery of the Sovereign Bank on the Boulevard in West Hartford.    We cover bank robberies all the time, but this one was different.

It was the 5th time it was robbed in two years!!   

The questions raised: 

1.  How do tellers feel?  Are they afraid?

2.  Why doesn’t the bank hire a security guard?   Many other banks do.

3.  Why is this bank so easy to rob?

Another story we covered was the theft of a copper drain pipe, also in West Hartford.     The suspect lives right around the corner from the scene of the crime.  It was his neighbor!   Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s downspout.

1.  What do they say to each other when they’re walking their dog, or taking the child to school?   Talk about awkward.

Help authorities find this man
May 2, 2007

Our next installment of our phenomenally popular “Fugitive Files” on Eyewitness News will focus on a high-profile murder from 20 years ago.

  • Watch Jamie Roth’s Video Report
  • On March 22, 1987, Peter Carone, 29, was watching college basketball at the Prospect Cafe in West Hartford. Also there: Adam Zachs, 22, of Bloomfield. They didn’t know each other but somehow got into an argument. According to eyewitnesses, the argument moved outside and Zachs shot Carone in the back. Zachs was found guilty and sentenced to 60 years in prison.

    The trial was emotional. Carone was engaged to be married and had a twin brother. The jury convicted Zachs swiftly and the killer’s mother screamed in court at the jurors and blamed the victim’s mother.

    But Zachs never went to prison because, under Connecticut law back then, a convicted killer was allowed to go home and lead a normal life until his or her sentence began. Zachs took that time to hit the road and go into hiding where he remains to this very day.

    That law has been changed, thanks to the victim’s mother, Addie Carone. I have interviewed Mrs. Carone and Peter Carone’s twin brother, Michael, and heard their pain and frustration first hand. Mrs. Carone worked with former West Hartford state Rep. Bob Farr, R-District 19, to get the law changed. Now, when someone is convicted of murder, that person goes directly to prison, does not pass “Go,” does not collect $200, does not go to Mexico.

    I say Mexico because Zachs has reportedly been spotted there. So, how is he surviving? Investigators told me they have no doubt people of means are financing Zachs’ fugitive lifestyle. They also believe there is no doubt some people in Connecticut know exactly where he is right now. His family, said to be one of the wealthiest in Metro Hartford, still lives here.

    Addie Carone still lives here, too. For 20 years, she has had to wonder if her son’s killer will ever be caught. It is highly likely she sees member of the Zachs family from time to time, maybe at the grocery store, a restaurant, or on the streets. Wouldn’t it be nice if a Channel 3 viewer could help the FBI catch Adam Zachs?

    This is your chance to help take someone off Connecticut’s most-wanted list.

    More Information

  • More Fugitive Fiels
  • Link to FBI Web site
  • Nutmeg Names: Tom Meskill
    December 18, 2006

    The country was trying to get out of the Vietnam War, the Baltimore Colts were Super Bowl champs and Three Dog Night topped the charts with “Joy to the World.”

    The year was 1971 and Tom Meskill was beginning his term as governor of Connecticut.

    Some 35 years later, I sat down with the former governor to see what he is doing now at age 78.

    He is still working. We talked about his short, yet eventful stint, as leader of our state. Did you know he pushed to have a monorail built at Bradley Airport with express service to and from Hartford? I bet you wish we had that today.

    Meskill also had a close relationship with then-President Richard Nixon and said he owes his present job to his late friend.

    Meskill served in between Gov. John Dempsey and Gov. Ella Grasso, both Democrats, and often gets lost in conversations about them.

    Three decades out of office has given the former governor a new perspective about running our state and he shares his thoughts with on Eyewitness News This
    Morning. Feel free to share your memories of our 82nd governor.

    Nutmeg Names: Ann Uccello
    December 2, 2006

    This Saturday, Eyewitness News kicks off a new and, hopefully, somewhat regular feature: Nutmeg Names.

    We are going to take a look at some local folks who have made a mark on Connecticut.

    First up, former Hartford Mayor Ann Uccello. In 1967, she became the first woman elected mayor of our capital city, and the first woman in America to be elected mayor of a major city.

    Uccello was also the last Republican mayor of Hartford. She became one of the popular politicians in our state, and eventually went on to work for Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford in Washington, D.C.

    Mayor Uccello has great stories to tell, too many to fit in the confines of Eyewitness News. She is a fascinating woman.

    Learn more about this political pioneer on the morning of Saturday, Dec. 2 on Eyewitness News This Weekend between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m.

    When you see it, be sure share your thoughts right here in my blog. Just click on Comments!


    November 4, 2006

    Anyone who commutes to downtown Hartford will want to see my report on jaywalking Monday night at 11. Anyone who walks through downtown
    should watch it. Yes, even the jaywalkers should see it.

    Every day, jaywalkers create traffic jams. How? When the light is
    green — and the bright orange hand indicates to pedestrians they should stay put — jaywalkers just stroll into traffic. They don’t jog, they often walk briskly. In fact, some even saunter.

    They bring a stream of rush-hour commuters to a halt, not to mention putting themselves in danger.

    A careless pedestrian can cause you to be late for work. I should know. Kara and I walk through downtown daily. We experience
    the perils of drivers going too fast, running red lights and parking on crosswalks. (More reasons to use caution when walking.)

    I really don’t get it. We have crosswalks and the lights are timed to allow pedestrians and drivers to peacefully co-exist. There are laws in place to prevent accidents and keep everybody safe.

    Yet, on a regular basis, pedestrians choose to show a lack of consideration for drivers and they jaywalk.

    In our report, you hear the excuses and hear from police — what HPD has to say may surprise you.

    Watch Monday night on Eyewitness News at 11 and let me know what you


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