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DeLauro “Blessed to be a Congresswoman,” Rules out 2012 Senate Run
October 21, 2010

Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro with Denise D’Ascenzo and Al Terzi, who happen to live in DeLauro’s 3rd District

Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro is running a campaign for re-election unlike many of her fellow Democrats.   Instead of running from the record of the Obama Adminstration and an unpopular congress, she is embracing her votes and touting what she calls the benefits of the health care and stimulus bills.    DeLauro proudly dismisses labels by her opponent that she is a “radical extremist” and too liberal for the district.

That 3rd district, home to liberal enclaves like New Haven,  has been a Democratic stronghold for ages.  In fact, in the past 52 years, a Republican has won this district just one time.  Larry DiNardis was swept into office in the 1980 Reagan revolution.  He lost re-election in 1982.   If DeLauro is re-elected next month, and completes that term, she will tie the late Robert Giaimo as the longest serving 3rd district congressperson, on the eve of what will be her 70th birthday.

During  a taping of “Face the State” I asked Mrs. DeLauro how long she plans to try to stay in Congress.   Interestingly, she turned the tables on this interviewer by quoting a line from my WFSB biography, saying she is “blessed to have this job.”     She also told me she has “no interest whatsoever”  in running for the senate seat held by Joe Lieberman, but would have to consider an offer from President Obama to serve in his cabinet, should he tender one.

We also talked about the President’s falling approval ratings, the jobless rate here and what DeLauro plans to do about it.    She’s been accused of being  a rubber stamp for the President’s policies, but told me she does differ with him on certain issues.   DeLauro wants NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) repealed, saying it has “led us down the wrong path.”   President Obama supports it.  

A recent CT Capitol Report poll showed DeLauro with a sizable lead over her Republican opponent, Jerry Labriola of Naugatuck.  Despite great historical odds and a financial disadvantage, Labriola has been out there campaigning and you can watch my interview with him on

You can watch the entire interview with Congresswoman DeLauro this Sunday morning at 11.


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