The White Bucks are Back


Eagle-eyed Channel 3 viewers noticed my shoes during tonight’s newscast, in a rare full body shot that lasted a few seconds.    WFSB technical director captured this as proof to the viewers they weren’t seeing things.

Here are the shoes I wear to work during the summer:  my old favorite pair of white bucks.    Denise likes to point out that they are not really white, and I’d have to agree.

This is only my second pair of white bucks, and I’ve had them for about ten years.  My other pair I got in high school and wore those Reagan-era suede things until this century when they finally gave out.    Bucks really became popular after they were featured in the 80s classic “The Preppy Handbook.”

Bucks are comfortable, and as the book says, you never wear them with socks.    Also, fashion experts say you shouldn’t wear them after Labor Day.

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10 Responses

  1. You’re such a handsome trendsetter. Where do you buy them?

    • I bought them so long ago, I can’t remember!

  2. Dennis, did you borrow those shoes from Cousin Eddie? (National Lampoons Va cation)

    • I believe Cousin Eddie’s shoes are patent leather, not suede bucks.

  3. Stop and Shop Circular…

    What you don’t see on the news « Channel 3's Dennis House Blogs…

  4. Love the shoes, Dennis. You are a fashion trendsetter!!

  5. I love bucks too!! My 4 yr old has had 3 prs already!

  6. love the shoes!!!!

  7. I think I got them at Marshall’s

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