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Special Hurricane Edition of Face the State Planned for Sunday
August 26, 2011

The impending arrival of Hurricane Irene has forced to us to scrap our scheduled edition of Face the State for this Sunday.     Instead, we will broadcast a live edition of Connecticut’s most watched political program, devoted to coverage of the storm.    We will have our team of meteorologists to bring you instant information about the biggest storm our state has seen in a generation, we will have live reports from our crews in the field, live pictures from our “city cams,” and Governor Malloy will join us live as well.   We may have other guests as well.

What about the show we taped Thursday?   That can be seen on CTN at 9PM, and on on Monday.    We can’t hold it until next week, because Face the State will not be seen thanks to our annual pre-emption for U.S. Open tennis.   

Our guests for the show seen on CTN are the new chairman of the Connecticut Republican party chairman, Jerry Labriola, Jr.;  State Representatives Rob Sampson and Tony Guerrera debating the busway, and City of Hartford COO David Panagore about the improving business climate in your capital city.

See you Sunday morning at 11AM for a special edition of Face the State, only on Channel 3.

Republicans Set Sights on Hartford
August 25, 2011

It’s been a very long time since a Republican was elected mayor of Hartford;  42 years in fact when Ann Uccello was re-elected to a second term.    This year, the GOP hasn’t even come up with a candidate yet, although the leader of city Republicans, Mike McGarry, is holding the spot until a candidate emerges.

There is a belief that the Connecticut Republican party has abandoned our capital city.    The party headquarters moved from the shadow of the State Capitol to New Britain a few years ago and  2010 Senate nominee Linda McMahon chose a suburban location for her campaign headquarters.   The 2007 mayoral nominee Stan McCauley,  received little help from the state party or then Governor Rell, despite the fact that allegations of corruption were percolating against his opponent, then mayor Eddie Perez.    Recruiting efforts for new voters have been weak.

The GOP attitude toward Hartford is about to change.  During a taping of “Face the State,” new party chairman Jerry Labriola, Jr. told me Republicans hope to win three seats on the city of council, led by current councilman Corey Brinson.    Labriola is also optimistic a strong Republican candidate for mayor will be found…..and it must be soon.

The big news Labriola revealed, is that the party is moving its headquarters back to Hartford, saying GOP offices need to be near the seat of government.   In addition to the Governor, constitutional officers,a nd lawmakers, the state Democratic party headquarters is here, and both U.S. Senators  have offices in the city.   Labriola and party officials have been scouting new locations.

Democrats make up a huge majority of Hartford voters,  but Labriola is confident given the poor economy, his party can make inroads in the city.    One would think after more than four decades of one party rule during which the city has experienced a population decline, Republicans could make a compelling argument that they could do better. 

You can watch the entire interview right here:

Hartford’s last Republican Mayor:  Ann Uccello being sworn in, December 1967

Sad City Hartford Reveals Himself
August 7, 2011

One of the best blogs covering the city of Hartford is Sad City Hartford, and its author was unknown to readers until Sunday.    The man who writes under the pen name of “Hakaan Loob,” is actually Michael Dunshee.  

Dunshee decided to go public on Face the State, to talk about his blog and the city he loves.  A Marlborough  native, and recent graduate of the University of Connecticut Law School, Dunshee now lives in Hartford and writes about his travels and encounters in Connecticut’s capital city.    He dispels the widely held myth that Hartford is dangerous.   

If you missed the interview with Michael Dunshee, you can catch it right here, and you can read Sad City right here:

Who is Sad City Hartford?
August 5, 2011

The city of Hartford is home to many bloggers, and one of my favorite blogs is “Sad City Hartford.”      It chronicles life in our capital city as seen through the eyes of a man who calls himself Hakaan Loob.     That’s  just a pen name taken by the author, who has never identified himself until now.    In fact, I didn’t even know who he was until I met him here at our studios.  

This Sunday on Face the State, we will talk with the founder of Sad City, who I assure you is not some guy spouting off about Hartford from the confines of his parents’ suburban basement.     His blog is well thought out, and has taught me a thing or two about our beloved yet beleagured city.  Oh yeah, and that grey blob won’t be covering his face and he’ll use his real name.

Tune in this Sunday at 11AM only on Face the State.  If you’d like to check out Sad City, here it is :




The White Bucks are Back
August 5, 2011


Eagle-eyed Channel 3 viewers noticed my shoes during tonight’s newscast, in a rare full body shot that lasted a few seconds.    WFSB technical director captured this as proof to the viewers they weren’t seeing things.

Here are the shoes I wear to work during the summer:  my old favorite pair of white bucks.    Denise likes to point out that they are not really white, and I’d have to agree.

This is only my second pair of white bucks, and I’ve had them for about ten years.  My other pair I got in high school and wore those Reagan-era suede things until this century when they finally gave out.    Bucks really became popular after they were featured in the 80s classic “The Preppy Handbook.”

Bucks are comfortable, and as the book says, you never wear them with socks.    Also, fashion experts say you shouldn’t wear them after Labor Day.

Tale of Two Towns & Their Take on Taxes
August 4, 2011

This is the first week of higher taxes in Connecticut, and many folks are receiving their first smaller paycheck.   This week on Face the State, we are joined by two up and coming lawmakers on opposite sides of the political aisle.

As to be expected, Republican State Representative Sean Williams and his colleague Democrat Geoff Luxenberg have very different views on the budget and taxes.  I asked them how their constituents were reacting to the tax increases.   Williams said his constituents are very unhappy; Luxenberg said his are okay with the changes.     

Both men do agree that more should have been done in the most recent legislative session.

Tune in this Sunday morning at 11AM for the complete discussion.


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