Mika Brzezinski at WFSB: The Hartford Years

The Mika story has moved here: http://dennishouse.tv/2011/06/23/mika-brzezinski-at-wfsb-the-hartford-years/

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  1. I watch Morning Joe most days. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone do better what Mika does on this show. MoJoe replaced Imus on MSNBC. In a sense, Mika plays the Charles role. Reining Joe in as Charles did with the I Man. But it’s much more than that. She must have been great to work with.

    • Thanks, Terrence. She was great to work with.

  2. [...] She’s come a long way from Hartford (about 2.5 hours down I-95). WFSB anchor Dennis House has written up a lengthy photo-filled tribute post to Brzezinski — with so much ’90s hair even the makers of [...]

  3. Mika is simply the best. It was an honor to sit next to her on the set after you got the night promotion. My favorite part of the morning was listening to Mika pronounce the names of hockey players during the sports segment in perfect French — Mario Lemieux would come out very different than you would think, but it sounded like a dish at a fine restaurant!

  4. [...] and pull out some gems–and you betcha, back in the early 90s Mika sure did have 90s hair. As Dennis House writes on his blog, “thanks to a thorough search of the WFSB archives, I uncovered Mika’s first report in [...]

  5. I think Mika left most of her reporting skills in Hartford. She’s now become just another snarky upper West Side of Manhattan know it all.

  6. [...] House has dug into Mika Brzezinski’s Hartford News past and come up with all sorts of historical photos… [...]

  7. Wow, I can’t believe how different she looked back in the day, especially in the first five pictures at the top of the page. Her long blond hair makes her totally unrecognizable to me, especially when I’m used to seeing her with her cute short hair. Still beautiful no matter what, though.

  8. I wish the state of connecticut would start to stop people from texting and talking on there cell phone . just the other day i saw a woman driving down the highway
    texting on phone and driving slow i say the state should start to do something
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  9. I think Mika left most of her reporting skills in Hartford.

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