Denise D’Ascenzo Celebrates Her Silver Jubilee at WFSB


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  1. She is so lovely in so many ways! Congrats Denise, been watching you for all the years, keep on going please!

  2. Dear Denise, congratulations, you are an asset to the station and the network. You are a lovely woman and truly display such a lady like demeanor. I never watch any other news station, because you’re the best.

  3. I had the pleasure to meet Denise on a few occasions at Hoffman Audi. She was such a pleasant women. What you see of her on the news, is what you get in person. At the time I met her, my kids ( 6 and 3 at that time ) were ( and still are ) huge Scott Haney fans. When Denise came to pick up her vehicle, she had autographed pictures of Scott for them. Congratulations on 25 years Denise…..

    • Denise is as nice in person as she is on TV. FYI she outlasted that Audi!

  4. Your smile can light up anyones day. My husband
    and I think your are the best!!!

  5. Denise,
    I’ve been watching you for your entire 25 years. You’re amazing! You really feel what you are delivering to us. Our devastations are yours as well. Thank you for being human and not just a robot reading the teleprompter.
    Oh, Dennis, I know she doesn’t have many, but when are you going to post her bloopers? :-) (you say she has a sense of humor)

  6. Congratulations on 25 years. Have watched you everyone of those years. Continue for another 25 years. You are a lovely person. You are the best.

  7. Congrats Denise, you’re a pleasure to watch , what a lady.
    I’ve watched you for 25 years because YOU make the news. Your smile, humor and delivery make Channel 3 news the best.
    Oh, and Dennis and Bruce, make great book ends.

  8. Congratulations! I’ve watched every year of it, too. Thanks for making the news such an enjoyable part of my day!

  9. Congratulations Denise! It has been a wonderful 25 years, may you have 25 more good years of broadcasting!

  10. Congratulations Ms. D’Ascenzo! 25 years in the same job is a credit to your loyalty and commitment to the people who watch you everyday. Best of luck to you, and may you have another 25 wonderful years.

  11. Denise is a wonderfull addition to your channel ,BIG FAN!!!! You are so sincere Denise stay on PLEASE!! Al ,so good to have an extra generation on the program !!!Love you guys!!!!

  12. Congratulation on your first 25.
    You are a class person invited into our homes.

  13. Congratulations to you, Denise…25 years is a commendable stretch. Continuity in broadcasting is so important…the revolving door approach doesn’t go over well with many viewers. I’ve been watching wfsb since I can’t remember when, and realize now that you began your career at wfsb the year before I graduated high school! Ultimately, we all pass the years together and you’ve been professional and lovely! Cheers!

  14. Denise CONGRAT’ to AQUARTER of CENTRYyour one of the best your a beutiful person inside + out KEEP UP GOOD WORK + in 5 yrs you will have 30 yrs remember when you started

  15. Denise – You’ve done a great job! I’ve watched you all 25 of those years and I must say you look much better after those years than I do! Keep up the good work! I can’t wait to see this year’s evening gown at the Capitol Catwalk June 6th!

  16. Many of us occasionally see newscasts from other cities… In a competitive profession Denise is the best that there is. Great job!

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  18. Denise, My husband and I moved to Ct. and got married in “86″ and have been watching you all these years. We think of you as part of our family, and were so happy we you were given the anchor position.Your smile and professionalism is what makes you GREAT! Thank you for all your hard work.

    Joyce Willing

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  20. Well denise, i was wondering, where u went after u left us here in cleveland, at wjwfox8, i always thought there has never been anyone that has replaced u, as great u were here, so from cleveland ohio, congrats on 25 years, and u will always be clevelands own, god bless u and your family, mr. Sprouse

  21. Denise to me is the epitome of what a news anchor should be. I lived in CT for quite a long time and was always impressed with Denise as an anchor. After living all over the world and watching widely broadcast international news I feel that Denise surpasses the best of them. Watching the news can be an unpleasant experience from the perspective of the actual news and from biases displayed by the newscaster. There is something about Denise’s delivery that makes the viewer feel they are in a good place despite the gravity of the news being reported, without any sense of bias, and with humanity and the utmost professionalism. She is beautiful in a credible and dignified way. I don’t know how WFSB got so lucky. Belated congratulations to Denise.

  22. Dinese is a beautiful dresser. She wore a dress and matching necklace too match. she looked beautiful as always. please ware it again.You flatter it.

  23. Happy birthday Denise and many more to come..

  24. We love Denise… We feel that she is honest, kind and caring. What a great example for our youth to see! :-) Donna B. – Griswold

  25. Congratulations to you, Denise…25 years is a milestone for you. Your excellent news skills and generous gift of your time for many causes is commendable, looking forward to many more years of seeing you at the anchor desk. Thank You

  26. Denise i have been watching you from you firstcame to channel 3 you are so proper,for better words,smile. that just the way your. .Congratulation.

  27. congradulationschannel3 has always amazed me. I had a pleasure meeting you when I was a camp conselor at hemlocks in 88.

  28. As a Western Mass. resident, I unfortunately cannot see Channel 3 from Hartford anymore; Denise has always been my very favorite newscaster and I miss being able to watch her and the other Channel 3 Hartford folks.(Thanks FCC).Anyway, congrats to the classiest lady on television!

    • We love Denise she is best dressed of all and she flatters the cloths she weare’s. Channel 3 is our station for all C B S programs We also love all anchors. on channel 3.

  29. An award well deserved for a classy lady. Miss watching her since i moved to southwest florida. no one down here can report news like channel 3

  30. I personally think that w/this award being such a big contribution to the news world & being nominated by a fellow newscaster, calling her by her last name a few times is an injustice to her. Being nominated for such a prestigise award, she should be called by her FIRST & last name. Thank You.

  31. Denise, it was a pleasure and delight to have worked with you! Congratulations !
    Fondly yours, Helen Sneed

  32. Denise, I am one of your faithful fans. I enjoy you and Dennis and I understand what it means to be “harassed” by a fellow co-worker [in a funny way, that is]. Congratulations and may God bless you.
    Sister Joanne M Kaminski, Felician Sister from Enfield.

  33. Denise ~

    It’s been very enjoyable watching you, Dennis and Al, over the years. Channel 3 is my favorite news station for many years now. I’ve even been known to record a segment if I think I may miss something of interest to me.

    You are admired and cherished for your years of service, and that’s not easy to come by this day and age. Thanks for hanging in there for us!

    Best Wishes Always, Pat S. West Simsbury.

    • Alway’s loved Denise she is very beautiful person
      . . Always watch 3 .all of you are great.I hope she has another silver to celibrate.

      Richy V. Waterbury

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