My Road Rage Incident in Wethersfield

I guess I wasn’t driving fast enough for this woman my mom’s age.   Relax!  Look carefully at her hand.

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12 Responses

  1. oh my goodness!!! that is ashame & sad that folks can act like that. i was on wethersfield ave when a man tried to run me off the road because i wasnt driving fast enough for him too.

  2. I too have driven at times that have caused this exact response – I must be getting old. : )

  3. She’s just expressing her opinion about you being the number one news anchor.. Take a compliment Dennis!

    • LOL great one!

  4. Older folks need to pee frequently; you might have ruined her day and her drivers seat.

  5. I too have been shown how a rude driver expresses themselves. i choose to ignore it. two wrongs don’t make a right. i am a senior and am surprised that a senior would act so childish. it doesn’t get you anywhere and only shows you what a jerk you are.

  6. Too bad you didn’t have the license plate on this one. :)

  7. Too funny, but actually a sick commentary of life we have to stoop to such things –guess we have to grin and bear it. :)

  8. Notice what she’s driving; it’s a car a car Benedict Arnold would drive.

  9. o is a hatchet job thoug

  10. Vera Bradley…

    [...]My Road Rage Incident in Wethersfield « Channel 3's Dennis House Blogs[...]…

  11. Thanks, everybody!

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