Foley & Malloy on Sunday’s “Face the State”

Tom Foley and Dan Malloy are saying they won’t run negative ads in their campaigns for governor, but will they hold to that?  During a taping of “Face the State” the two nominees were asked if they will use the playbooks provided by the former opponents of their current opponent. 

Both men agreed that negative ads ended up hurting the candidates who ran them.      Both Malloy and Foley have agreed to take part in debates, including the WFSB CPTV WNPR debate planned for October.  

I asked both men similar questions, including which cuts they will make if elected.    Their answers were quite different.    I also asked their plans  for improving communities acr0ss the state, namely New London, New Haven and Hartford.    Again, their answers were different. 

Tune in this Sunday at 11AM for “Face the State.”

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6 Responses

  1. The whole state should be watching, Dennis. I hope you asked them about the Public Financing laws. You don’t know yet what the Genera Assembly will do today, but, either way, I am sure Foley and Malloy would have different answers there, also. Malloy will have the middle class in mind while it seems as if Foley would buy the election with his own money.

    • People don’t realize that Tom Foley has raised more money than any other gubernatorial candidate out there.

      Until he writes himself an enormous check the way Lamont did, he’ll probably have to be out there getting the financial support from people across the state, while Malloy basks in the $6 million of taxpayer money he was handed by the Democratic legislature.

  2. OMG. Foley sounded like nothing more than a collection of cliches. Does he really know that little.

  3. It was a pretty sad performance.

  4. I was struck by Republican Foley’s two uses of the phrase “to lay anchor to the windward”. Not from the yachting set myself, I was unfamiliar with the term. I am not sure even more working class boaters use this phrase in their everyday speak. Until his run for public office, I don’t think Foley ventured too far from Fairfield into the Torringtons, New Londons, Willimantics and Meridens. His answer about how he would help specific towns made that apparent.

  5. Justine,

    No, Tom Foley hasn’t donated his own money, he has loaned it to his campaign……..with plans to get paid back by contributors who kick in AFTER he is elected. What does that tell you about his convictions…..and his ethics (or the lack of both)?

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