It is official: Lamont will Debate Malloy on WFSB, WNPR and CPTV

Ned Lamont called me early this morning to inform me he will accept our invitation to take part in Tuesday’s debate with Dan Malloy to be broadcast on WFSB, CPTV and WNPR.   Lamont told me a debate will be the best way to talk about the issues with his opponent.   I told him we were pleased to have him and think  the viewers and voters will benefit from a lively discussion.  

The debate will be unprecedented in terms of coverage:  4 hours of total broadcast time for the hour long debate.

The three Republicans will debate on Wednesday. 

More details later today.    WFSB, WNPR and CPTV will release more information about the format of the debate and other particulars.

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8 Responses

  1. [...] to the Issues Posted on July 29, 2010 by dubymcd Ned Lamont will participate in the WFSB/CTPV/WNPR debate on August [...]

  2. Don’t forget to ask where they stand on the issue of Immigration. Arizona is a few miles away, but it is an issue that has an effect on the hole country.

  3. [...] Dennis House has the news. [...]

  4. [...] here earlier this morning, Democratic candidate for governor Ned Lamont has changed his mind and will debate rival Dan Malloy on WFSB-TV (Chnl 3) and WNRP radio/CPTV [...]

  5. Could you ask Dan Malloy what role he played in having the city of Stamford use $67,500 of taxpayer money to cover up his youngest sons bigotry and why any settlement wasn’t paid out of his own millions?

  6. [...] John Dankosky – Gubernatorial candidate Ned Lamont has confirmed with me and WFSB’s Dennis House that he will take part in our August 3rd debate with rival Democrat Dan Malloy.  As recently as [...]

  7. Now he’s flip flopping.

  8. 4 hours of broadcast time???

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