Lamont wants to debate again, but not against Malloy

If Ned Lamont believes the voters are best served with only a single televised one on one debate with Dan Malloy, it got me to thinking what are his views on debating the Republican  nominee should Lamont be the nominee for the Democrats?

According to Lamont spokesperson Justine Sessions, Lamont is committed to debating the Republican nominee if he wins the primary in August.    It is unclear if Lamont will agree to more than one debate.  Sessions told me “right now we’re focused on winning the August 10 primary.  If Ned is fortunate enough to win the Democratic nomination, then we’ll discuss the general election debate schedule.”

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4 Responses

  1. Well, I’m glad Lamont is willing to debate someone.

  2. Ned Lamont won’t debate Malloy because he can’t. Dan is 10 times more articulate.

  3. Guess we are just going to have to see what the voters say come Nov.

  4. Actually, it’s come Aug. 10 to see what the voters say on the Lamont-Malloy issue. Money/influence/ideas vs. Experience/know-how/ideas he’ll debate to defend.

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