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Schiff on Blumenthal: His credibility will be a campaign issue
May 27, 2010

During a taping of “Face the State” Republican candidate for senate Peter Schiff did not hold back when it came to Richard Blumenthal.    The Weston businessman said Blumenthal is not trustworthy and intentionally lied, not misspoke when he said he was in Vietnam.  

           “He misspeaks about a lot of things.”  When you are a  professional politican and that’s what he has been all his life lying comes very natural.    Blumenthal’s credibility will be an issue in the campaign.”

And Schiff had more to say about  Blumenthal.    As for his Republican opponent Linda McMahon, Schiff was kinder, but not much.    He said “she was writing wrestling scripts, I was writing books about the economy,”   and suggested she had an apathy toward politics before her senate campaign was launched.    Schiff also said McMahon can’t beat Blumenthal and that many Simmons supporters will turn to him because “they don’t like Linda.”

You can watch the Schiff interview this Sunday morning at 11AM.  We also have Quinnipiac University polling guru Doug Schwartz in to talk about the new poll. 

We can also tell you Blumenthal and McMahon have committed to be on “Face the State” next month.   Tune in Sunday for details.

Absolutely Preposterous
May 27, 2010

That’s what Denise and I thought as we watched in amazement Len Besthoff’s report on State University system chancellor David Carter.    You can see it here, and as you watch keep in mind he is on the state payroll to the tune of nearly $387,000 a year.

Also Rick Green of the Courant called it a “trainwreck.”    Read his take here:

The Channel 3 Baby Boom
May 26, 2010

I work directly with three producers:  one for Eyewitness News at 6PM,  one for the 11pm news and one for Face the State.      Two are on leave now for maternity.

The 6PM producer Jamie Mascia is due back this summer after giving birth to a girl Giuliana, and tonight (wednesday) our 11PM producer Leah Scott gave birth to a boy, Pressley.   The Face the State producer isn’t planning on maternity leave anytime soon.  Chris Hamm  has no plans to get pregnant.    In fact, he is covering Leah’s shift on the nightbeat.

We are kind of used to this baby thing here at Channel 3.   The producer births come just 9 months after Kara gave birth to Julian, followed by her producer for Better Connecticut Melissa Dethlefsen leaving to have a boy, John.   Better Connecticut associate producer Jen Selva left to give birth to Lyla. 

Our bosses are very understanding of all this:  both our news director Dana Neves and assistant news director Patience Hettrick have five children between them and have gone on maternity in the past few years also!    All of these colleagues of mine took maternity before the baby came so they could prepare for the big arrival.

There was one exception as far as I can remember,   Susan Raff.  She did a live shot on the 6PM news and the baby was born before the 11PM news.

On another note…I’m glad I’m a guy.  That’s a lot of baby showers to go to!

Hartford getting a version of the Winter Classic
May 25, 2010

Former Hartford Whalers owner Howard Baldwin is bringing outdoor hockey to Rentschler Field this winter.   Sources tell Eyewitness News the setup will be similar to the Winter Classic at Fenway Park earlier this year, and at Wrigley Field the year before. 

Now, the big difference is it won’t be the NHL, but there will more games, about 30- 35.  They will consist of professional, college, and amateur hockey teams. 

Why?  I’m told this is part of Baldwin’s plan to increase the love of hockey in Connecticut and help make the case that this is a major league city that could support a major league team again.   His goal for this outdoor hockey is to help resurrect the Hartford Whalers.   I’m thinking in a few years we could have a winter classic with the Whalers versus the  Rangers or Bruins.   Check out Baldwin’s cool new logo:

More information at news conference next week.

Simmons to Drop Out of Senate Race
May 24, 2010

Rob Simmons on “Face the State with Dennis House” during his last appearance on the program in October

It will be official tomorrow, but Eyewitness News has learned former congressman Rob Simmons will drop out of the race for the U.S. Senate, tomorrow. 

A source with knowledge of  the Simmons campaign told me Simmons has decided to end his campaign and will make the announcement tomorrow in New London.

A spokesman for the campaign told me ” he is on a short leash with this one” and couldn’t say anything.

This comes three days after Simmons lost the party endorsement to rival Republican Linda McMahon at the GOP convention. 

 Simmons was the leader in the race for much of 2009 when he announced he would challenge Senator Chris Dodd.  Then McMahon, Peter Schiff  and others jumped in, Dodd dropped out and was replaced by Richard Blumenthal.  Simmons hasn’t been atop the polls since Blumenthal entered the race. 


New Tower Proposed for Capital City
May 24, 2010

The Hartford Business Journal reports this tower is being proposed for Washington Street near Hartford Hospital.  The 11 story tower would be shared by the hospital and Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.

It may be hard to believe considering the abandoned buildings, the litter-strewn Walgreens, and a Chinese restaurant in the shell of a classic Victorian building, but Washington Street used to be a beautiful street…one of the prettiest in Hartford.  

The street was home to several large Victorian homes, but only a handful remain, like this one, now a law office.

Most of the buildings like this were bulldozed for a few car dealerships that are now non-descript state office buildings.  Other beauties were demolished for bland apartment buildings, a car wash and a McDonald’s that has been the scene of various crimes over the years. 

A new tower would put more feet on the street and help revitalize the neighborhood.   With great views of the Capitol, the skyline and Trinity College a short walk downtown, a few key construction projects like this one could really turn Washington Street around.  

It would be nice if more people would buy homes in that neighborhood and fix up some of these architectural gems.   I know some folks who work either for the state or the hospitals who tell me they would love to live nearby, but they are concerned about the crime.    It is true,  the police reports include a fair number of arrests in those streets near the site of the proposed tower.   

A shiny new tower replacing an abandoned building would definitely encourage those troublemakers to move out.

Here is the HBJ article:

Veterans Cemetery Neglected by Perez Administration
May 24, 2010

Eyewitness News has learned an historic cemetery in Hartford’s North End, known as Hartford’s Arlington,  has been neglected by the city.    With Memorial Day a week away several veterans’ families are wondering if the grave sites where their loved ones are buried are being properly cared for and respected.

Channel 3′s Len Besthoff uncovered the neglect and here is his eyeopening report:

Malloy: primary will divide the party, and hurt Dem. chances in November
May 24, 2010

Shades of  the brutal ’06 primary battle between Lamont and Lieberman?   On “Face the State” the endorsed candidate of the Democrats in the race for money said he thinks a primary with Ned Lamont will divide the party. and could hurt the chances of Democrats winning the governorship this November.  They last won in 1986.

Malloy also said if he had lost the convention he would dropped out and supported the winner. 

Watch Malloy’s comments here:

Rell Reiterates: No endorsement for Fedele
May 24, 2010

On a Monday when he could definitely use some good news, Lt. Governor Michael Fedele didn’t get it.   Today Governor Rell said once again she would not endorse him in his run for the Republican gubernatorial nomination.  Rell told Channel 3′s Susan Raff today she won’t endorse anybody.  She wants the people to decide and said that  was the decision of the convention.

Fedele came in a distant second to former ambassador to Ireland Tom Foley, who has been running with an outsider message.   After losing the party endorsement to Foley, Fedele told Channel 3′s Hallie Jackson that Foley is hardly an outsider because of his government experience as ambassador.

The refusal of the Governor to endorse her running mate is becoming a bit of a campaign issue.  We’re told on Friday and Saturday some Foley supporters were reminding convention delegates that Fedele doesn’t even have the support of the woman who chose him to be lieutenant governor.

Where does Fedele go from here?   It is obvious his role as a loyal dutiful soldier  in the administration of a popular governor didn’t help him with the delegates and hasn’t helped him in the polls, either.    Will he try to run as an outsider with a message of “hey, I’m only the lieutenant governor, I had nothing to do with this budget mess.” 

We talked about this on “Face the State” with analysts Duby McDowell and Brian Flaherty, and Tom Dudchik of

Here’s the link:

Malloy booked on special edition of “Face the State”
May 22, 2010

Fresh off a big victory at the Democratic convention, endorsed candidate for governor Dan Malloy will appear on a special edition of “Face the State with Dennis House” Sunday morning at 11AM.  

The four winners of the senate and gubernatorial races from both conventions, Linda McMahon, Richard Blumenthal, Tom Foley and Malloy  were all  invited to appear on the broadcast.   Normally “Face the State” is taped before the weekend, but because of the conventions on Friday and Saturday we decided to make the switch and do the show on Sunday morning, so viewers will have the newest political information.

Our WFSB political analysts Duby McDowell and Brian Flaherty along with Tom Dudchik of will also be on the broadcast to talk about the developments this weekend.


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