Bysiewicz Asks Blumenthal to Confirm She is Qualified to be A.G.

Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz just told me she has asked Attorney General Richard Blumenthal to look into whether she is qualified to succeed him, should be elected.    At issue, whether Bysiewicz has enough legal experience to be attorney general as required by state law.     A blogger has raised concerns that Bysiewicz does not have enough experience in private practice.  Bysiewicz argues that years in public practice qualify her. 

Bysiewicz spoke to Blumenthal by phone and is drafting a formal request in writing.    No word on how long it will take Blumenthal to investigate.

Bysiewicz told me she believes she is qualified and that her staff has done extensive research and found it is “very clear that she meets the  requirements.”   She called the accusations that she is not qualified, ” politically motivated,”  saying those critics are using a very narrow interpretation of the law.    She called their view “irresponsible” and said they used “poor legal judgement.”

The secretary went on to say with that narrow interpretation Blumenthal wasn’t qualified to be A.G. when he was elected in 1990.    And she mentions George Hinman, who became attorney general in 1915 without ever spending a single day in private practice.

So will she return to the governor’s race if Blumenthal finds she is not qualified to be A.G.?    “We are quite certain our interpretation is right on.” 

More tonight on Eyewitness News.

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3 Responses

  1. Dennis: Don’t think any of the bloggers ever claimed she was not qualified because she did not have enough experience in private practice. In fact, that is how Susan (mis)characterized the bloggers’ comments when she responded today. It appears SHE wants to frame the issue as private vs. public legal experience, not those who questioned her eligibility. This may not bode well when she then makes the assertion that Blumenthal’s public experience as the US Attorney (catch the word attorney in the title) was somehow the same “active practice at the bar of this state” as her role of Secretary of State. Blumnethal argues legal cases in court and MUST be an attorney to do this, Susan does not go to court, and her position of SOTS is clearly not being an attorney for the state. Pretty flimsy argument.

  2. I never said anything close to “public sector experience” as an attorney doesn’t count for purposes of the statute. Clearly, attorneys at many state agencies are engaged in the practice of law. People like prosecutors, public defenders, assistant attorney generals, and attorneys to state agencies.

  3. Susie B. is NOT qualified.
    Do some real investigative reporting will ya?

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