Capital City Mayoral Debate

On Sunday, Oct. 28, WFSB will air a special one-hour edition of Face the State. It will be a forum of all six candidates running for mayor of Hartford in an election that not only impacts residents of the city, but people in all corners of the state and beyond — even as far away as Amsterdam.

Donations to the campaigns are coming from beyond the city line. They are coming from people who live in suburbia and beyond, who own businesses in the city, companies and corporations who employee thousands of people, many of whom don’t live in Hartford.

The next mayor will have to recruit developers to build on the acres of vacant lots that have become eyesores. These lots used to be filled with buildings that were torn down in the 80s and 90s for developments that never happened. Speaking of eyesores, the next mayor will have to take action to get rid of the Clarion/Summit/Sonesta hotel that has been vacant since the mid 90s, the butt-ugly building, and the hideous mess that overlooks I-84 on Spring Street.

The next mayor will have to put pressure on landlords who have let their properties decay.

The next mayor will have to work with the folks at Northland and state officials to restore a major league sports team in Connecticut.

The next mayor will have to take advantage of the new non-stop flights to Amsterdam from Bradley to encourage investment from the Netherlands in your Capital City.

This is the most important mayoral election in Hartford in decades, and we would like to hear your comments.

(Please write your hometown when you post your comments on this blog.)

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One Response

  1. Don’t’ let the apparent change in philosophy concerning the Norwich re-zoning displayed by the city council fool you. If there weren’t so much voter opposition to the re-zoning, with elections looming this week, Crooks, Caron, and Goldman would still be sponsoring this travesty.
    Who sponsors a proposal and then says they are relieved that it is withdrawn? I’m sure you’re relieved Ms. Caron. You saw your re-election slipping away.
    Remember, the city council is made up of the same people who were ready and willing to pull residential property out from under us in favor of commercial property until they realized it might affect the election. If re-elected, what’s to stop them, from sponsoring the same re-zoning and the potential eminent domain takings like in New London, once the threat of not being re-elected has past.
    These people haven’t miraculously had an awakening. They are and will continue to be the same people who were willing to take your property indiscriminately.
    I strongly urge the Norwich voters to ensure this doesn’t happen. Vote for Zarnetske, Coutu, Nash, Jacaruso, Desaulniers, and Braddock.
    VOTE OUT those individuals who would support the taking of homes in favor of commercial development. Those individuals are the incumbents Caron, Crooks, Goldman, and Bettencourt.

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