I hope the Red Sox lose …. sort of.

The Red Sox are in their second World Series this century and they are favored to beat the Colorado Rockies. I grew up less than 14 miles from Fenway Park, and consider myself a lifelong Sox fan. As a child, I vividly remember the 1975 World Series against the Cincinnati Reds featuring Fred Lynn, Louis Tiant, Jim Rice, and of course Carl Yastrzemski. Nevertheless, I’m hoping the Rockies get their way with the Sox — at least twice, but only twice.

You see, my brother, Chris, asked me to go with him to game 1 of the series at Fenway, and I had to say “no!” Unfortunately, this is a week I just cannot take off from work. Al is on vacation and he and I cover each other’s newscasts when the other is away. I’m also moderating the exclusive WFSB mayoral forum on Wednesday. I can’t take a vacation day, and even calling in sick is not an option.

My brother offiered me plan B: If the series leaves Denver and comes back to Boston, and there is a game 6, I can go. That would be next week and I can take a day off. A Red Sox sweep would ruin my plans. Even winning the series 4 games to 1 would not be acceptable. The Sox must lose two of the next five games to satisfy my selfish needs.

If the baseball gods play along, this will be my third World Series. I covered the dreaded Yankees beating the Atlanta Braves in 1996. As a journalist, it was an unbelievable experience in the Bronx. I was reporting live from near the first baseline as Wade Boggs trotted within inches of me on an NYPD horse.

I also went to game 1 in 2004, also with my brother and a host of guys from our hometown. Boston’s own Aerosmith performed the national anthem. The feeling at Fenway that night was electric.

So join me in holding your nose and rooting for the Rockies — just don’t get carried away. If you see Al covering the 6 p.m. news next week, look for me in the first row in right field.

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2 Responses

  1. Dennis, I love it. Your reason for the sox to lose is just wonderful. True (blue)or in this case RED SOX fan. I totally understand your reason. Sorry, Dennis, I can not and will not root against the Sox. Being a life long fan. I think I was a fan while in utero. I know in your heart tonight you will be rooting for the Sox. I just hope you have Helena in her Sox stuff tonight. Have a great night.

  2. When you put it in a perspective like that it simply depicts you as a REAL Red Sox fan. One that participates. As much as I would like to see a sweep, I would even more so like to see an extended series. There’s a lot of bad going on around us, not only here in our streets of Connecticut, but in places like Iraq, California and Darfur. It would be comforting to see something to temporarily distract our attention to something less wrenching. I hope you wish comes true, because I am selfish too – I need my attention distracted for a while, even if it is for a brief and temporary respite from the world around me – Roger

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