Another Cab Complaint

The House family attended a wedding in Florida this weekend, and upon our return to Hartford, we hailed a cab to take us home from Bradley.

First of all, you have to request a real cab — not one of those Honda Civics, which are fine cars, but not appropriate taxis. It is a compact car and the backseats and trunks are small for luggage. I have never seen such a small car used as a cab in New York or Chicago, and I don’t know why they are used here. Taxi travel should be about the comfort of the passenger and room for bags.

Anyway, our cab was a Lincoln Town Car, and there were four of us: Kara, the baby, and my mother in the backseat, and then there was me. I started to climb into the front passenger seat, but the seat was taken … by a television … that was on! The cabbie had been driving while watching TV!

He then said: “Can’t you just hold the baby” and squeeze in back there?

I explained to him that she needs to be in a car seat and buckled in.

If we want our Capital City to be a big convention center we need to offer better cab service.

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One Response

  1. Isn’t it illegal for children under a certain height/weight to sit anywhere but in a car seat now? What were they thinking?

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