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Help authorities find this man
May 2, 2007

Our next installment of our phenomenally popular “Fugitive Files” on Eyewitness News will focus on a high-profile murder from 20 years ago.

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  • On March 22, 1987, Peter Carone, 29, was watching college basketball at the Prospect Cafe in West Hartford. Also there: Adam Zachs, 22, of Bloomfield. They didn’t know each other but somehow got into an argument. According to eyewitnesses, the argument moved outside and Zachs shot Carone in the back. Zachs was found guilty and sentenced to 60 years in prison.

    The trial was emotional. Carone was engaged to be married and had a twin brother. The jury convicted Zachs swiftly and the killer’s mother screamed in court at the jurors and blamed the victim’s mother.

    But Zachs never went to prison because, under Connecticut law back then, a convicted killer was allowed to go home and lead a normal life until his or her sentence began. Zachs took that time to hit the road and go into hiding where he remains to this very day.

    That law has been changed, thanks to the victim’s mother, Addie Carone. I have interviewed Mrs. Carone and Peter Carone’s twin brother, Michael, and heard their pain and frustration first hand. Mrs. Carone worked with former West Hartford state Rep. Bob Farr, R-District 19, to get the law changed. Now, when someone is convicted of murder, that person goes directly to prison, does not pass “Go,” does not collect $200, does not go to Mexico.

    I say Mexico because Zachs has reportedly been spotted there. So, how is he surviving? Investigators told me they have no doubt people of means are financing Zachs’ fugitive lifestyle. They also believe there is no doubt some people in Connecticut know exactly where he is right now. His family, said to be one of the wealthiest in Metro Hartford, still lives here.

    Addie Carone still lives here, too. For 20 years, she has had to wonder if her son’s killer will ever be caught. It is highly likely she sees member of the Zachs family from time to time, maybe at the grocery store, a restaurant, or on the streets. Wouldn’t it be nice if a Channel 3 viewer could help the FBI catch Adam Zachs?

    This is your chance to help take someone off Connecticut’s most-wanted list.

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