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My New Sport
April 19, 2007

Which team in Connecticut has been crowned an NCAA champ the most times in the past 10 years?

If you answer the UConn women’s basketball team, you are wrong. It is the Trinity College men’s squash team with nine championships since the 1990s, an amazing record of accomplishment.

I recently joined the squash club at Trinity and had the chance to take squash lessons with the master himself. Bantams Head Coach Paul Assaiante (the guy with the yellow tie) is the architect of those championship teams. I’ve played tennis and racquetball, but I found squash to be much more difficult. The ball is faster and smaller, and the racquet longer. I need to lose a couple of pounds and playing squash will most certainly help.

The Trinity Squash Team is a diverse bunch with players from all over the world including Pakistan, Zimbabwe, India, and Brazil.

Congrats to Coach A. and the Trinity College National Champions — you make our state very proud. You also keep the Connecticut Department of Transportation very busy. Workers have to update the highway signs every time you win a crown!

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