Back to work after Baby

I’m back to work after two weeks off for the birth of my daughter Helena. I’m fortunate our parent company, Meredith Corporation, allows fathers a week off for paternity and then I took a week’s vacation.

Kara won’t be back to work until late spring, and we’re really getting the hang of this parents thing. Kara, like any new mom, is sleep deprived, but I’m doing OK in the sleep department. It’s a dad thing!

We’re blessed that Helena is a great baby, who sleeps and eats, and doesn’t cry all that much. We’ve taken her to the park, road trips, even a few restaurants.

The grandparents are thrilled, and we’ve had several visits from them. Thanks to e-mail, I can send them a picture of Helena every day.

My first week back to work was somewhat hectic. Al was on vacation, so I covered his duties, we had a giant storm on Friday, I filled in for “Face the State,” and I had two weeks worth of mail, e-mail, and telephone messages to return.

I’d love to hear your stories of your first days of parenthood!

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  1. Dennis and Kara, what they say is true, cherish every moment with your daughter. They grow up so fast.

    My baby daughter just turned 21 and I cannot figure out where the years went. When she was young, any one of the 31 flavors would bring a smile.


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